Digital Marketing & The Insight Needed To Implement It - Workshop

> An intensive workshop on all things digital marketing

LTF can deliver a Digital Marketing Workshop to you and up to 6 of your colleagues. Designed to provide insights into some key areas of the digital marketing landscape through a mix of theory and practical content. Previous attendees have found it both inspiring and informative, rating us an average of 8.9 out of 10 across the board.

The Digital Marketing Workshop is a highly insightful mix of Theory and Practical on key digital marketing elements, built on over 10 years experience in the online world. Designed to inspire and motivate your team, and provide insight and practical training.

There is no specific preparation required, although we ask attendees to think / make a note of any particularly burning questions you may have in the sphere of Social Media, Blogging, Search Optimisation, Email Marketing etc – that you would hope to get answered on the day. Bring your top 1 or 2 questions with you, and we will do our best to answer them during the afternoon, or at the very least arrange to take them up with you after the workshop.

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> The Digital Marketing Workshop covers the following areas:


Rick takes the group through the Digital Marketing Landscape. What's new, what's important, and how to exploit it:

  • Recommended Networks for your organisation (based on prior research specific to your business)
  • Twitter – Find & Retain
  • LinkedIn – Connect & Inform
  • Google Plus – Build Visibility & Utilise SEO Tools
  • Hoot Suite Crash Course
  • Blogging Outreach & Authorship
  • Observations on your current online activity – A diagnosis and recommendations
  • Producing engaging content – constantly
  • Google Tools – WebMaster, Local, Plus & More
  • Google Analytics – Deep-dive analysis and what it means
  • Email Marketing – An overview and a suggested approach
  • Email Marketing Analytics – What to track and how to optimise
  • Email Marketing Tools & Tricks
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Management – Internal & External strategies, planning and measurement
  • Freebies – Social Media Policy template, White Paper on Blogging, Copy of Slides
  • What Next?


Owen takes the group through a very practical and engaging process of Value Proposition refinement and testing and Customer Understanding in a very interactive session.

So now you know what Digital and Content Marketing is, this part of the day helps you put everything you’ve just learned into context and helps you start to map out your own Digital Marketing Plan. At the end of the workshop you will have understood how you can use Digital Marketing in your own organisation, established some initial objectives and set out a simple but achievable plan of action to bring it all to life.

The afternoon session covers the following areas:

  • Understanding how to use Digital Marketing / Email Marketing – when it works, how it works and why.
  • Defining your audience(s) – who is it you’re talking to? What do you want them to know, think, believe, learn and do!
  • Value Proposition Definition – What value are you bringing to each of your audiences and how are you going to articulate that?
  • Building your Digital Marketing engine – mapping out a plan
  • Some tips and tricks of the trade you can use to fast –track your own success

We aim to provide as much insight as possible within the time available so there’s a lot to cover, and each area in itself could warrant a week-long course, so it will be fairly quick-paced and a mixture of theory and practical.

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> About the Facilitators / Practicioners:

Rick O'Neill has over 15 years experience in web design, web development, search engine optimisation, email and online marketing.

Owen Ashby has over 25 years experience in Sales & Marketing strategy for SME businesses.

The combination of these two perspectives, we feel, is pretty unique and should be of hug value to you, the business owner, as you embark upon your journey to launch your very own buzz building program and take your business' online profile to the next level.

Image of Rick & Owen